Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alpaca joy

Today, winter offered us one of the best winter days. Sun, blue skies, cool temperatures and lots of snow on the ground.

Alpacas don't care for deep snow. They don't like to venture out in it much. We noticed that all they do now is walk to the water  and back to the feeders. The snow is just too deep for them. In the picture below, the trails on the alpaca side are minimal.

Our llama is now with the two crias (being weaned from their pregnant moms). The llama will walk around his pasture. With the long legs he has, this is easier for him.

So hubby decided to do some plowing for them. This green beast will do the job easily. So the animals were brought into the barn so that the work could be done.

A nice wide trail was plowed from the barn to the heated water.

Water is very important, especially now that the animals are eating dry hay, containing little or no moisture.

Once the deed was done, the barn door were opened and out they came to inspect the work.
Will they like it or not?

They walked down one way, then the next.

And then, they started running as if saying: FINALLY, some room to run!

They zoomed back and forth in front of me, just going as fast as their legs would go.

Sometimes, kicking their feet was wonderful to see them having so much fun.

Here they come again!

 ...and back down the other way.


On the llama and cria side, things were a lot more calm...

Well, this was our saturday, I hope yours brought you joy too!


  1. I love the pictures. I could just imagine how awesome it must have been to watch them.

  2. Mais tu es chanceuse de pouvoir caresser les Alpagas comme ça!! Je t'envie!! Les photos sont magnifiques!