Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Work in Progress

winter = long evenings=knitting =movie watching

That pretty much sums up what is happening around here lately. I have a few knitting projects on the go at the moment.
Let me show you.
The knitters guild I belong to has challenged us to try a new technique in the new year. That was just the push I needed to get going on learning to knit 2-at-a-time socks.
I had this wonderful sock blank in 50% mohair, 50% wool from Wellington Fibers just for this.

And I had the 2-at-a-time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes to teach me just that!
I must admit that this is not an easy method to master at the beginning but I'm happy I stuck with it because after the first inch or so is knitted, it gets much easier. I have a feeling that I will be knitting my socks this way from now on. It will be nice to have both socks done at the same time.

Also on the needles for a few weeks now is a cardigan kit I bought last fall at the K-W Knitter's Fair in Kitchener-Waterloo. The pattern is called Whisper. Designer is Linda Benne.

It will be a very lightweight cardigan, great for spring. The green stitches you see will become a sleeve once I'm done with the back and front piece.

When I knit projects that are done on small needles and are going to take some time to knit, I usually need something fast to give me a feeling of accomplishment, so I found a great cowl to cast on with a worsted weight handspun yarn I had. This was a two evenings worth of knitting...very satisfying!
It's a very loose cabled cowl, knitted sideways then kitchenered stitch. The green stitches you see on the end is the provisional cast-on that will be taken apart to give me the live stitches needed to do the kitchener stitch when I'm done.
As soon as I'm done, I be back with info on the pattern and there's a story that goes with this handspun...

Before I let you go, I have to show you what I've found!
I used to travel a lot to Toronto for meeting and conferences. I loved it when our meetings were downtown because I could then take a nice walk in the evenings to the Eaton Center and other shops in that area.
There was a Fossil store in the mall that had the most beautiful purses. But I would never pay the $200 to $300 they were asking for these. But I still loved to go in and look.

Most of the purses that caught my eye had a combination of leather and fabric...beautiful fabrics.
Imagine my excitement when I found such a purse in a recycling / reuse operation called Rebuilt Resources!!!

Isn't too cute? This bag will be a project bag. It might be a summer bag too. I have no idea how old it is or the $value. It's in mint condition. I paid $3 for it.
Had my hubby been with me you would have heard me yell: Start the car! when I left the store.
Love those kind of finds!

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  1. Beautiful knitting. I love the yarn for the cardigan.
    You found a REAL bargain! Hah, I can see you grabbing it and slamming some change down on the counter before someone realized the deal you had.