Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy blues!

Our daughter invited us for dinner one night just before New Year's Eve.  We always look forward to getting together. Our son also joined us, so the whole gang was there. Our grand daughter is growing so fast (she's 2 now) and it's so much fun to listen to her talk non-stop.
When we arrived, our daughter stepped out of the kitchen with a blue bow on the front of her shirt.
I immediately knew what that meant and started jumping up and down (screaming and laughing). Dear hubby thought the bow was a funny looking thing to put on the front of your shirt and could not understand why I was so excited about it.
As you might know, I basically had to spell it out for him...our pregnant daughter had just found out that our next grandchild would be a boy!!
A little grandson for the end of May. A little brother for bb O.
Well, last night, I came across a pattern for tiny little mittens. With leftover sock yarn, I casted on and completed a pair. No pinks and purples for this little one...we're going blues and greens.

Designer: Kathy Broughton (Check out her other patterns here)
Yarn: leftover Berocco SOX yarn