Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy days

Hubby is gone on a fishing trip off in Western Ontario.
He was really looking forward to this getaway.
So my days are full of chores and evenings go by quickly with carding, spinning and knitting to keep my busy. I will pretend for a few more days that all those baseboards that need painting don't mind waiting!
The posts for the new pasture hubby is working on are almost all in. Then we'll invite the crew (friends and relatives) to come and help with putting up the fencing.

This new pasture will give us the chance to rotate the alpacas and give the presently occupied pasture time to regenerate itself.

Alpacas know how to live in the moment.
When the sun shines on them, they can be seen lying down on their side to just soak it up.
(Boy, I wish I could do the same...but I must say that seeing them this way makes me realize it's ok to slow down and let the sunshine in once in a while...know what I mean?)
You can see Cassa Blanca's huge belly. She's the girl on the left. I could see her cria move the other day as I watched her from the deck.

Even Fernando decided to take a little nap under this warm sun! His mom Jessie is the white alpaca with the small brown patch on her back.
Ginger is a 2 yr old girl and she is very interested in Fernando. I wonder if she's happy to have another alpaca the same colour as her??

Speaking of the little one...

Isn't he sweet? I love his patches over the eyes.  His little ears are both straight now.


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