Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My muskoka chair

In our area, a very casual, comfortable outdoor wooden chair is known as the muskoka chair. It has wide armrests to place your cup of coffee (or better yet, a cold glass of beer). Low to the ground with a reclining back, you cannot help but to relax when you sit in it. I know that it's also known as the Adirondack chair in New York state. Whatever the name, it's the best way to enjoy the summer!
Muskoka is a very well known cottage-country area in northern Ontario, just two hours north of Toronto. Ordinary people, like you and me, have had family cottages for many generations on the 1600 lakes in the area. It's also well known that Shania Twain, Cindy Crawford and Goldie Hawn (to name a few) also have cottages in the Muskokas.

This chair is perfect for knitting and I've been knitting like crazy. Once again, the socks were put aside for something colourful, in my favorite and blue

I could not knit fast enough to get to the striped portion of this project.

And there's a picot edge on one side.

The shawl is Cameo by Paulina Popiolek. Even though I intended on joining the knitting frenzy and casting on for my own Color Affection shawl, I just could not decide on three colours to do it. But it was so easy to choose two colours to make the Cameo!
The yarn is my own hand dyed superwash merino/nylon blend.

And this is why I love blue and green so's all around me!
What is your favorite colour combo?


  1. Shawl is looking lovely. I'm a big fan of green and pink together.

  2. So that is the secret! A Muskoka Chair...and then I could finish something larger than a cowl? Beautiful shawl indeed, thank you for asking...mine is purple and pink please... :)))) ♥Debi

  3. I think I like that shawl better than Color Affection. Yours is looking lovely. I like the picot edge. Purple and green for me!

  4. Purple and Blue! We are blessed by our lovely surroundings.