Monday, June 11, 2012

The power of music

Do certain songs just make you jump up and dance no matter where you are or what you're doing?
Other songs just bring tears to your eyes, no  matter how many times you hear them? And some just make your soul sing. Music does move us, influence our mood and create energy. There is even evidence that music can heal.
What are your favorite songs? Here are a few of my favorites...
My favorite-touch-my-soul song:
Je l'aime à mourir by Shakira (This song is a Francis Cabrel song and was one of my favorite when my children were's about how strong our love for our children is. This is Shakira's live in Paris version in spanish/french)

My dance-in-the-kitchen-and-hope-no-one-sees-me-song:
It's raining men by the Weather Girls (This song from the 80's just never gets old in my book!)

My sing-out-loud-and-pray-no-one-hears-me song:
I will always love you by Whitney Houston (My little sister and I used to sing this song together and make everyone leave the room!!)

My make-me-slow-down-and breathe song:
Allegria by Enya (This Crique du Soleil song is one of my favorite)

I listen to my favorite radio station right here on the web every single day.
Rouge FM will play both french and english soft-rock songs which is just perfect for this household.
If you want to listen to it for a bit just click on the Écoutez en direct red dot on the right hand side...Enjoy and dance like no one is watching!

Now how about moving those hips and shuffling your feet around the kitchen with Santana?


  1. Thank you for the tune's!!!! and they are favorites as mine as well......Id never leave home if it were like your home..bright colours, adorable animals, and rockin music....♥Debi

  2. LOL! There will be internet lurkers peeking in your kitchen windows to watch that dancing!
    I'll have to check out some of those songs that I haven't heard of.