Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alpaca knitting

Oh boy, still no picture of my Cameo shawl and Vitamin D sweater...golly, maybe I just need to hang them on a hanger and take the camera out! Keep it simple.
But I've been happily knitting when I have time here and there.
I've combined soft 100% white alpaca yarn with some of my handspun yarns to create colourful hats. I had blogged about spinning the yarn here.
I was so excited when I started knitting with this stripping handspun and saw that I could knit three rows and the colours worked just right. It's great when things just work out this way.
This hat is a size Large, it would fit an adult. (Obviously, the styrofoam head I have it on is rather small.) I still have to add the ties to finish it off.
I've been knitting a few of these hats to add to my table at the Farmer's Market.
This one is still wet and needs ties too.

Each one is different thanks to the self stripping handspun yarn.
I've also knitted some fingerless mittens in with Ginger's alpaca fleece. This yarn is blended with mohair. It's so soft, I might call these mine! More for the shop.
I must have frogged them three times before I was happy with the design of the pattern.
I love how they fit, especially at the wrist.
They still need a light blocking, especially the picot edge.

And there's been a tiny bit of dyeing. I took the pots outside and got things brewing.
Here are a few merino tops drying on the clothesline.
They will be added to the Etsy shop this week.

Tomorrow, the pups get their first visit to the vet!
That's always a major undertaking now that it's only hubby and I.

Two more weeks, and they will start leaving us to join their new families...
As much work as it is to care for a litter of Goldens, it's always bitter sweet to see them go.
One of them just might be staying with us...I'll let you know when we decide.)

I'm back to the market on saturday, stop and say hello!


  1. Love the rainbow hat! And those mitts- gorgeous!

  2. Your hats are fabulous, I love the little pops of hand-dyed color. And those motts, heavenly! Did you create the pattern yourself?!

  3. The pups are precious and I just love the fingerless mittens! Alpaca and mohair...........heavenly!

  4. Wow - great to have that self-striping yarn work so well into the pattern. Okay - those fingerless gloves are exquisite...and knowing Ginger's fleece, they must feel dreamy.
    Another pup? Really? How could you not be addicted to those pudgy little sweeties. (add to the addiction of darling alpacas and the growing stash of yarns and fibres...;))

  5. I LOVE the rainbow striped hat! I also have serious puppy envy now. So cute!

  6. Those fingerless mitts are amazing. I love the thumb gusset! Very cool and unusual.

  7. I LOVE seeing colourful handspun striped with neutrals, these hats are so great!