Monday, July 2, 2012

TdF Day 3 and The three amigos

Day 3 of TdF:
Up bright and early this morning, with only the cat and dogs to keep me company. The sun is bright and very warm, what a great day to be alive!!!
More spinning. I completed the blue mohair but decided not to ply it today since I need to change to my Plying head to do so. I am instead starting with a merino top I hand dyed and could not let go to my shop.
These are the tops that I would like to use in the shawl I will knit myself. I started on the greenish-yellow and blue on the back right corner.

I have about half of it done now. I'll surely be spinning a bit more today.
It's so nice to be spinning again. But I must pace myself or I won't be able to spin for the duration of the Tour de Fleece / Tour de France!

On the farm front:

The three crias are inseparable. Playing, sleeping and resting together is the norm.
(Tenelly, Carmella and Fernando)
There are bunnies everywhere this year. I don't have a garden so they are just great fun to have around. 

And my alpaca yarn is now here!!!
It's almost ready to label and sell.
Here is Makushla's contribution.

And Aurelia's contribution.

And Ginger's contribution

As for Alicia's contribution, I had that done in roving. More on that another time.

Son was here for a wonderful breakfast first thing this morning. Dear hubby is taking me out for dinner, then cake at daughter's house. I can't ask more anything more on my B-day!


  1. mmmmm...Ginger is my favourite yarn, I think...I love natural fawn. The 3 cria are looking great and must be so much fun to watch. Hope the rest of your day is grand! (Did you know that you share the same B-Day as your shearer? I learn so much on Facebook ;))

  2. The 3 Amiego's are too cute to discribe! What joy to watch their antics I am sure. The yarn is beautiful ....The bounty was plentiful this year...Celebrate......♥Debi