Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day of rest

The Tour de France is on a day of rest today and so are the spinners that joined the Tour de fleece.
I've spun every day so far and even a little bit today.

I spent most of the day with my 2 year old grand daughter. She is such a bubbly, talkative child. We are quite busy when she's around.
She has very often seen me spin at my spinning wheel. She understand that the wheel is mine and only mine. She's been very good at respecting that. I see her walk up to the wheel and closely look at the fiber.
These past few days, I've enjoyed spinning outside and taking advantage of a light breeze.
When we were downstairs, O asked me to bring her wooden rocking horse back upstairs and outside on the deck. So that's what I did. I then watched her set her little chair behind the horse, put a small ball of yarn between the horse's legs. She then sat on the chair, put her feet on the horse's rockers and proceeded to push on the rockers with her feet.
I couldn't quite figure out what she was doing so I asked her. She replied: ''I'm making alpaca yarn.'' I then realized she was 'spinning' too!

She certainly made my heart sing with those words!


  1. That's darling. I think you have a budding spinner there!

  2. Aren't young minds the best? What a way invent spinning with her own toys, rather than use yours which are off limits. Love it!

  3. Oh, that is soooo sweet. She wants to be just like you. What a compliment to you.