Saturday, November 10, 2012

By golly, I think I've got it!

Creating the perfect red in my yarns has eluded me completely.
Yarns ended up being too pink or too orange, too light or too dark.
But since red is one of my favorite colours, I kept on trying and last night, the stars lined up just right! The perfect red, or pretty close to it appeared in the dye pot. It's a bright, happy poppy kind of red. I can't wait for the yarn to be dry to I can really see it. This is a lace weight merino yarn.
Do you know Susan B Anderson, the author of numerous knitting books?
I enjoy reading her blog. She's a positive, outgoing, motivated person. From her blog posts you can see that family is number one and that she's passionnate of her knitting. My kind of person!
Her baby hats are so cute!
Susan has a giveaway going on for two Winter Bliss cowl patterns. Get your comment in for a chance to win!

Now back to the dye pots and more poppy red, this time I'm dyeing some fingerweight yarn for MOI! I have a cardigan in mind and I've been dreaming about it since last night! Wonder if I could have it done for Christmas? A girl can dream ya know!


  1. That is a beautiful red. I am not only impressed that you dyed it but that you also managed to photograph it so well.

  2. Definitely a gorgeous shade of red. Way to go!

  3. Very beautiful red. And absolutely fitting that you'd dye up some "poppy" red for Remembrance Day :)

  4. Hey,after seeing that beautiful beaded shawl you made, I have every confidence that you can finish a cardigan by Christmas! Go for it! Love the red too.

  5. If anyone can complete a sweater by can...I love the RED you conjoured up....classic colour and warming..nice work indeed. Off to visit your suggestion... ♥Debi

  6. What a beautiful true red! Looks amazing.

  7. That is an awesome red.That would make a nice scarf.It was nice seeing at the craft show in Sturgeon Falls.