Monday, November 26, 2012

Grey Cup weekend

I'll state it right away, I'm not a football fan!
hubby's cousins have been planning a reunion for a long time and they're all going to the Grey Cup, a boy's weekend.
This year, the game is in Toronto. 
So this means a weekend with the house all to myself, my own schedule, the remote control and the meal planning all left up to me!
So I do declare to love the Grey Cup weekend!
On the knitting list, I'm working on a scarf.

Well, seems that I've gone over the limit for photos with Blogger...I need to look into this before I can blog again. I'm not too interested in paying a monthly fee.
Be back when I find a solution!


  1. Looks lovely indeed...the lace is amazing. What patience you have...♥Debi

  2. Beautiful scarf!

    There's a monthly fee??? I'm going to have to look at that too!

  3. Monthly fee? I have thousands of posts and probably millions of photos. Oh my, they'll be coming after me for sure.
    Love the scarf!

  4. Sure........they get everyone hooked on blogging and then start charging a fee!!!!! Go Figure!!!!!!!

  5. Lovely lace work!
    I've heard of another blogger that got nabbed that way. Quite stressful. I keep thinking I have to get the answer to this. I always resize my pictures to be aroun 200K each...I wonder if you might be using your defaults and posting pictures of 1Mb each or more?
    I'm interested if you get this's going to happen to all of us at some point.
    Darn....when my nest is empty, I had better get my hubby interested in hunting and football games. Occasional solitude sounds wonderful.