Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Craft show season

Craft show season is here!
I'm participating in two shows this year.
I'll be heading to Sturgeon Falls for a 2 day show on November 17-18.
Then the Witty artisan show here in North Bay at the Portage Hotel on Dec 2nd.

I needed a sign to help people identify my alpaca products when they walk into my booth or come up to my table. Since we have not yet decided on a logo for our farm, I used a favorite picture of Alicia taken earlier this fall and had a 20 x 24 poster made from it.
It turned out pretty good.
I'm happy with it.

After several weeks of not touching my dye pots. I spent several days concocting brighter colours and it all started with the red I spoke about here.
And things got crazy after that!
What fun I had!

This is all LACE weight merino which I had not had for some time. They are mostly semi-solids and would look wonderful knitted up with beads...what do you think?
There are some wonderful shawls out there.
It will be available in my LYS and Etsy in the next few days.

Part of my 2012 alpaca fleece harvest is back from the mill as well.
I have wonderful fiber and yarns to get ready!
No time to waste, off I go to play some more!


  1. Your sign is PERFECT!!! was the model difficult?lololo I liked the Witty artisans show last year, but I am going to Barrie for a Christmas concert that weekend...sorry. YOu will be fabulous...dont forget those fab sheep veggan soaps....♥Debi

  2. The photo of that yarn is certainly a spirit lifter. What an inspiration!