Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bit of this and that

Sunny day...I'm sure everyone is talking about this wonderfuly warm day...spring is in the air.
But we also all know that we will surely have more snow before we can say winter is over.
We live in the north after all!

With hubby gone, I spent a lot of time working on a few projects.
More dyeing.
These are huge skeins of of silk/merino yarn. 8 ounces each.
I have 5 of them.
I will put some up for sale but I am looking for a large shawl project for myself.

And more sock yarn in various shades

Bulky yarn, lots of it!

And I knitted a bit. Tiny little hat in hand dyed bulky yarn. I love the mix of colours.
I also tackled the sideboard in the kitchen. I recently bought it and it needs some tender loving care. I can tell that it had been previously painted in red and once in cream.
I am not a big fan of wood, I like to paint you can see where I'm going with this?

One coat of white and a few more to go.
I will be staining the top in a dark walnut.

Time to sit down with a beer and take a breather!
With next week being the March break, I will be spending some time with my daughter...she's off for the week.
We are planning on doing a mural on the walls of the baby's room.
Only 10 more weeks before the birth of our little grandson...exciting!

Hope your weekend was a good one.


  1. Wow! Only 10 more weeks until the new baby. That's exciting.
    I love the pull-tab on the toddler's hat ;)
    Looks like you accomplished a lot on your 'free' weekend.