Monday, March 19, 2012

Change of scenery

I have rarely seen snow disappear so a matter of days, it's almost all gone. The alpacas are once again exploring their pasture and looking happy to sun themselves.
Hubby is already talking about doing more fencing to add more pasture for the herd. If it's a dry spring, he might get started on post digging sooner than later.
I went over to my daughter's house to help her paint a mural on the walls of the nursery.
I love the woodland theme that she's going with.
We have a few more trees to paint and a few more coats of paint to add, but it's looking so good already.
There is some spring knitting getting done in a cotton / acrylic blend.
And what better way to enjoy this unexpected warm weather than to play outside on the deck.

More dyeing happenned.
This lot is a special order.
 On Fire



  1. I LOVE the nursery. What a peaceful mural. Please post the finished room. It looks darling.

    The Alpacas look so wonderful, basking in the sun. What a beautiful sight.

    Your little one looks so content playing on the deck. I live on a residential street. My granddaughters have created chalk art EVERYWHERE! What fun.

    The yarn.....GORGEOUS!!!!!