Saturday, March 3, 2012

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Wonderful saturday to be inside!
The weather network mentioned we would get some snow last night and all day today...but Mother Nature really outdid herself this time!
Lots of white stuff accompanied by a fierce northerly wind.
Seems that by the time it's all done, we will have close to 30cm! That's 12 inches !
I think that we have allready reached 30 cm and it's still falling!

The birds are still able to fly around in these condition and get to the birdfeeder.
Those birds are pretty smart to be able to get out and about on such a blistery day!

Even the seeds that were blown to the ground were not ignored.

Twelve year old Bailey thought this was too good to be true.
 You can see how much of a grey day we are having...these pictures were taken at 2 pm this afternoon.

With snow up to her chest, she thought she should check to see what was under all the white stuff!?!

I intended to sit and watch a few movies all day but the satellite was not working for a few hours this afternoon.
Well then, I'll take a drive to the library and pick a few DVDs before I get any more snowed in.
I felt so smart to think of this...I rarely borrow DVDs from the library. And they have a good selection.
So I got ready, shoveled some of the snow in front of the garage door and got in my vehicule. 

Did I mention to you that I am solo this weekend? Hubby is gone fishing 'up north'. The area where he's gone will be getting much more snow, so he might need an extra day to get back out!

But I have a 4-wheel drive SUV so I can go anywhere, anytime!

See the SUV between the posts? It's kinda sitting crooked in front of the garage, isn't?

Well, I'm sure it's better to leave your vehicule out of the garage during a snowstorm and park it diagonally in front of the garage door.
I'm sure there will be less snow in front of the garage because of it.
So smart of me!
I will tell hubby that I'm not struck in the snow drift, I wanted to sweep the garage floor for him.
Sh**, I never even made it out of the drive way...stupid 4-wheel drive!
I could not get out on my side, I had to crawl over on the passenger side because the snow too high. After lots of shovelling and doing my best to move the vehicule, I gave up.


  1. WOW! That is alot of snow! I am in a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. We had fierce winds last night, but nothing else. Flurries but nothing that landed. I must say, if I have a full bin of food for the dogs (it better be full, I have Great Danes), seed and peanuts for the birds, turtle food, store bought ice cubes, diet coke, & coffee, I can find enough food in the cupboards or freezer, I would love to have a snow day. We haven't come close to one this winter. I love the pictures of your sweet dog.
    Stay warm and dry and KNIT!


  2. Really!?! You were going out for movies?!? You ARE a movie addict!
    Good decision to just leave the vehicle where it sits and make up a good reason. This snow is just too heavy to try to shovel it out. I am nursing my aching shovelling muscles with a hot bath and some Amaretto.