Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quality time

Last week, our grand daughter spent a few days with us because she was too sick to go to the daycare. This week, the daycare provider was too sick to take any of the children!
So we've spent lots of quality time with bébé O.
I know, she's too old to be called a baby especially when she refers to herself as a 'grande fille' (big girl).
She is such a joy to have around, so talkative and observant.
When we cooked muffins, she wanted to participate.

And of course, help clean up!

Now, how about a warm apple muffin?

Added a few yarns to my Etsy shop this week, very little time to spend with my yarns...where did February go?


  1. This is what life is all What memories you are making.

  2. Looks like fun...(actually, looks and sounds exhausting;) but fun)!!

  3. Grand daughter? God, how old were you when you became a grand ma? 30? ;-) Quality time with grand parents is so important. So you two have fun and enjoy the memories later!

    P.S. I answered you back on my blog re: food intolerance. ;-)