Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wild Sparkly Alpaca

No kidding! I heard about sparkly alpacas on Ellen!

I doubled plied Ginger's handspun cria fleece. It was given a bath in Eucalan no rinse delicate wash. The one I have is scented lavender oil. Smells sooo goood!

I thought I had spun thin enough for a fingering weight but it turns out that I have a DK weight. I have about 435 meters, 213 grams of sweet softness!

This WPI tool helped me identify the wraps per inch (wpi) and the number I got was 12. According to the chart that came with the kit, a DK weight has between 12 and 14 wpi.

I now have to decide if I will dye this yarn or knit it as is. I am not a big fan of browns but the natural colour might win me over. We'll see.
I see this skein as becoming a cuddly shawl.


  1. Pretty! It really is a lovely brown.

  2. Add a little angelina for sparkly alpaca!
    That's a great clip...I like that actress now that I know she's got her "knit on". (And I would really like to knit some boxers out of very fine alpaca....mmmmm..)It's your first project from you own alpaca, right? Congrats.
    I love her colour.