Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A little unfaithful!

Knitters are often very faithful to their craft and don't think of picking up a hook to manipulate their yarn. They stick to their needles.
But I did just that for a quickie project.
I put the needles aside and picked up a crochet hook.
But I used a very different kind of yarn.
I had collected several chenille bedspreads over the years. I had many plans for it all. But when I was cleaning the my stash room the other day, I came across a few boxes of chenille fabrics and I decided that since I had not yet done anything with them, it was time to let them go and send them to a recycling store. I guess that this thought scared me into action because that very same night, I started ripping strips and strips of chenille. I had so much chenille fluff at my feet, it looked like I was walking in snow!
I made several balls of rag yarn, some with chenille, some with flannel fabrics.

After viewing some videos on Youtube, I was ready to go.
If you would like to give this a whirl, I highly recommend Cassandra Pook's videos.
She made three videos to explain the whole process from ripping your rag yarn to crocheting the rug.
 This is the first video.
The rag rug was done in a few evenings. It's really a quick project.
I'm not the only one that likes it. Bjorne loves it too.
It's big enough for him to stretch out on.

I had cut all of my strips 4'' wide (as the video suggested) but quickly realized that this was too wide for the thick chenille. So I ended up ripping them down to about 1½''.
At this width, it was much easier to crochet.
I find that this first rug is crocheted a little too loosely and I plan on making the next one at little tighter. 
Yes, there will be a next one, probably done with all the blue fabric I  have around here.

You can use old bedsheets, curtains, and fabrics of all kind to make a rag rugs.  
I'm also interested in making one out of t-shirt material so I'll be on the lookout for that too!
So much for clearing out the stash room...sounds like it will get full again!


  1. I love it! I need to try this because we go through a lot of rugs around here.

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  3. Very nice! I've always loved the look of rag rugs and seeing how nice yours turned out makes me want to give it a go. I have a ton of t-shirts that are about to become strips! :-D

  4. Your skill is amazing and spreading to other media's isnt unfaithful (in the creative process! lololol) Wow! beautiful colour combo and handsome puppy is very thankful I am sure...thank you for the interesting post!!!

  5. this is so pretty. love the idea. my mom used to make wool braided rugs.