Monday, January 14, 2013

To live with it or not

No matter how I look at it

No matter how good or bad the light is
 No matter how I place them

They are just too different for me to live with it.
(It's worse in real life than what my camera can pick up.)

I tried to convince myself that it was all ok.
I tried to tell myself that they were not that different after all.
I am ok with hand dyed yarns that vary slightly from skein to skein. I'm ok with parts of my knitting not being identical. This is why I enjoy hand dyed yarns.
But when I look at my two sleeves I don't notice the beautiful colour anymore, I just notice how they are not matching.
I know that we should always knit from two skeins of hand dyed yarns in order to even out the colour. I had planned on doing just that for the body of the cardigan.
I had hoped to get away with it for the sleeves.
I've decided to frog up to the ribbing and start using a second skein from that point.



  1. That much variation would not bother me - but you gotta follow your own gut on these things!

  2. I can't tell from the pictures, but you have to do what you have to do!

  3. Been there, done that. With socks I've learned to live with it but on outerwear I am still pretty picky. I do have one sweater that has wildly different sleeves that I am ok with but the contrast is so huge it doesn't look like a mistake. Good luck with the revision!

  4. Your sleeves match better than some of my socks have but then socks are stuffed into shoes for the most part....can't say the same for sleeves. I feel for you. It's always so disheartening to have to frog.