Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Off and on the needles

I don't think I've ever had so much time to sit and knit quietly.
These projects are quite straight forward (at least for now) except for one of them. There seems to be a prevaling colour scheme going on too.
Let's start with Milo. All done. A perfect little knit. We tried it on bébé Loïc the other night and it fits him (with room to grow) just right!
Loving the first Milo, it's only natural to want to knit a second one.
This one is for Olivia. She came to the LYS with me the other day and picked her colour.
Now, why am I not surprised we came home with purple!!
The plan is to knit this one a little longer than what the pattern calls for so that it fits more like a tunic.
I was at her house a few days ago with my knitting bag in tow. She came over to me and asked what I was knitting and I told her that this would be hers.
She went on to play with her books and came back to me about 10 minutes later asking: Are you done yet?
She also requested that I put a flower on it. I'll have to think about this for a bit and see what I can come up with.
This shawl project is the one that requires more attention.
I have done chart A and Chart B. It's going well but I do need to count and follow the lace pattern very closely.
And I have a third project on the needles.
This photo shows how too large the sleeve was on me so I frogged it and am doing the increases further apart. I've knitted up to the elbows and I'm much happier with it now.
This is mindless rows and rows of stockinette knitting for now. A good project to work on when the shawl is too much.
I don't usually work on three things at once. I prefer to focus on one project and maybe a second one at the most. But I expect to be finished with the second Milo in a few days and I will be back to two projects.
There will be some car knitting at the end of the month. After waiting for 7 mths I finally have an appointment at the allergy clinic four hours away from here. The doc that will see me specializes in people with headaches and migraines caused by allergies. I'll keep my fingers crossed but won't hold my breath. I've seen too many doctors about my migraines and I'm more cautious now about getting too hopeful. But still, positive thinking is best!


  1. Milo looks great! Can't wait to see the other knits done!

  2. Nice! I'm loving the shawl! I'm planning on trying a lace shawl just as soon as I finish the socks I'm working on at the moment. Sorry to hear you have migraines....those are no fun at all! My little granddaughter gets them too.

  3. The patience you have is amazing! Wow....I am in awe indeed. I love visiting you knitting masters, although it causes me disappointment at my skill level but then You didnt become talented by being disappointed now did you lolol so back to my socks, wristwarmers and maybe a lacey shawl? that is funny , its taken me two tries at my wristwarmers! Thank you for the inspiration as always Lise, and I truly hope you find answers about those pestqie migranes........♥Debi

  4. What lovely things!
    Migraines are the worst. I get about one a year, usually in the spring and they are always several days of intense pain and nausea. I get the type where I lose my eyesight so laying in a dark room wishing myself dead is about all I can do until it runs its course. Good luck with your quest to be rid of the nasty things.

  5. Are you done yet, Gramma? (or Mamere, whatever) LOL! Too funny.