Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Milo 2

Having knitted the cute little Milo vest for Loïc in a size 12 mths, I looked forward to knitting another one in a size 5 for Olivia.
It's a great tv knitting project because of all the stockinette stitch involved.

I've knitted this one longer so it fits more like a tunic. 
And I chose a different cable than the first one I knitted. But I guess I was distracted (by the tv) and did not follow the directions for the Aran cable very well. I came up with something very different. I noticed my error at the very end and decided that I did not mind this version.

Since every little girl likes sparkly things, I added a row of beads on the cast-off. 
Olivia was very happy with the beads.

And now that this is done, I'll have more time for my Alcyone and my Antler cardigan.


  1. Love the beads on the bottom! so cute!

  2. Big Girls would like this as well! Beautifully done as always ♥Debi

  3. Oh what a cute idea!!!! I love the beads on the bottom like that!

  4. Adorable. That lacy cable is perfect!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi purplekatkin, The pattern is called Milo. I purchased it on Ravelry.