Thursday, January 24, 2013

The deep deep freeze

Everybody is talking about it.
It's all we hear on the radio and the weather channel.
We have just about had enough of it. 
The only good thing about it is that the sun has been shining brightly for several days.
It's darn cold out there and it's been this way for several days now!
Last night was another night of frigid temps
See the small number in the bottom right hand corner. That's the lowest it went to last night.
Add a bit of wind to this and you end up with -40C!
Did you know that -40C is -40F?
But we cannot say that we are cold in our house.
Thanks to this in our kitchen.
The fire in the cookstove is going all the time.
The wood from the wood shed is making it's way to the house at a fast pace.
A little too much at times!
If you check the above themometer again, the small number on the bottom left hand corner says +27C! That was the high in our house yesterday! Well, if not the whole house, in the kitchen at least. At one point, I realized it was -27 outside and +27 inside. After a few hours working outside, hubby came in frozen and loaded the stove up and we ended up with a tropical heat wave.
When it gets this cold, I think of those people that are shivering outside or in poorly insulated homes. I think of the children that do not have warm clothes to face the cold every day.
I'm very grateful for our warm home.
I've been busy with some house cleaning.
I've also been prepping a guest bedroom for a fresh coat of paint.
And there has been some knitting going on as well.
Antler is coming along. I joined the sleeves to the body and have started on the yoke. I was so eager to get to that part. After miles and miles kilometers and kilometers of stockinette knitting, I was looking forward to the cables.
Once that's done, all that will be left is the button band and sewing on a few buttons.
I'm really excited about this cardigan.
I walked into a Roots store last week to purchased a .50¢ shopping bag!
The salesperson would probably have liked me to have a look around the store before purchasing an empty shopping bag. But all I wanted was this bag.
It's become another one of my knitting project bags.
Cool, eh?
With Antler almost completed, I'm already planning the next project.
That's it for now.
Stay warm!


  1. Gorgeous sweater...indeed. Love the Roots bag...hmmm how far does one have to travel to find one??? on snowmobile or dog sled? Not to fret...Spring is on its way...♥Debi

  2. The sweater is looking lovely. I love your cook stove too - we had a similar one in the house when I was growing up.

  3. The sweater is gorgeous and I love that bag! I even looked on ebay but couldn't find one-yet.
    It's been cold here too, in the teens at night and I am worrying myself sick over our silly outdoor kitties who prefer their heated huts to my warm living room. I want my global warming back!

  4. Pretty sweater!! Love the cabled yoke! I'm guessing the next project is thrummed mittens....I'm thinking of making a pair myself with all this cold weather we've been having lately too. Or maybe some nice thrummed slippers. Your cook stove is awesome!!!

  5. Wow, Antler looks beautiful! Must investigate that pattern. Enjoy your lovely snug day! :)

  6. Your sweater is coming along great.I wish I had one of those stoves.My neighbor has one and it is really cozy.

  7. well, once again we survived the deep freeze. Onward to spring!!!